Product Specs

Advertisement Size Multiple up to a 12' x 14' (3.65m x 4.25m) advertisement Multiple up to a 10' x 3' (3m x .9m) advertisement
Billboard Lengths Available Linkable to create 24' (7.3m), 36' (11m), 48' (14.5m) and even longer billboards Linkable to create 20' (6.1m), 30' (9.15m), 40' (12.2m) and even longer billboards
Setup Time 20-30 Minutes 10-15 Minutes
Gross Weight 215.37 lbs or 97.69 kg 82.59 lbs or 37.46 kg
Net Weight 201.22 lbs or 91.27 kg 72.44 lbs. or 32.86 kg
Shipping Box Dimensions (50" x 30.5" x 15") or (127cm x 77.5cm x 38cm) (28" x 20.5" x 14") or (127cm x 77.5cm x 38cm)(71cm x 52cm x 35.5cm)
Accessories Included 110V Electric air blower 110V Electric air blower
Carry Bag Carry Bag
Ballast System Ballast System
200 Bungee Attachments for Banners 100 Bungee Attachments for Banners
Foot Pump Foot Pump
Repair Kit Repair Kit
Spare Valves Spare Valves
Instruction Booklet Instruction Booklet