Product Benefits


The amphibious design allows the inflatable billboard to be displayed on land or water. BBI's US patented flow thru ballast design assures stability on water, even in prevalent coastal breezes.

Multiple Display Options:

The inflatable display systems provide several banner options creating a 360 degree display. Digital quality banners with any custom message or artwork can be created and banners are quickly and easily interchangeable.

Stationary and Mobile:

The inflatable advertising signs provide both stationary and mobile display options. In addition to being tied down or anchored, the inflatable signs can be towed with a boat, jet ski, golf cart, or bicycle


The inflatable billboards can be easily linked to create unlimited size advertisements. Any length the client desires can be created.

Airtight Design:

The inflatable signs are airtight so no noisy continuous blower or electric source is needed after inflation. They are simply filled, capped and sealed.


The inflatable display systems are easy to use and setup or take down in less than 30 minutes. They can be displayed as long as desired, from 1 day to 1 year.


The inflatable billboards deflate and fold into carry bags, allowing them to be conveniently transported.

Quality Construction:

The inflatable signs are constructed of heavy duty, durable PVC bladders surrounded by a rugged 840 denier nylon shell. Tear Aid tape allows for on the spot instant repairs of minor bladder damage. The individual air chamber design allows for easy maintenance and replacement of damaged bladders, assuring a long service life.