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Tynk Outdoor began as a traditional steel outdoor billboard company, and still maintains that traditional aspect.

If you feel you have an excellent location on a property you own, for a traditional steel billboard, and would like to earn some passive income (i.e. you do nothing, we just send you a cheque every month!) please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for a review of your location and property.

More recently, Tynk Outdoor Inc, in association with BBI Displays of California (Billboard Boats Inc), the 'World Wide Leader of On-Water Advertising and Inflatable Billboards' helped to bring inflatable billboards to Canada...(because we have water here too!)(...and grass, and snow, and concrete, and sand, and...)

BBI's US Patented and Foreign Patent Pending on-water billboards currently hold the World Record for "Largest Airtight Amphibious Display" when it was featured on a golf course lake at The Trump International Golf Club in Puerto Rico during the 1st PGA event held there...the amphibious display was 72' long.

As advertisers seek new and better ways to reach target audiences, alternative media such as BBI's, the #1 Inflatable Display System in the world, is the fastest growing segment of the outdoor advertising market

Tynk Outdoor is proud to be a part of that!

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